Polygraph Examination and Lie Detection

Deception is the oldest skill in the human book — it is also the most effective. Liars don’t begin lying when they turn 21, or when they walk through your door. They begin at a very early age, and experience hones their craft to a blade’s sharpness.
Roman P.I. of Sacramento, CA believes in the truth-finding ability of a polygraph machine operated by a certified professional. The results, good or bad, provide an effective baseline understanding of a person’s honesty and can prove very valuable in cross-examination and focused questioning.
We employ talented and experienced polygraph examiners with former FBI and law enforcement experience when we conduct questioning. The results of our examinations often lead to confessions of guilt that include details of the wrong-doing and where to look for corroborating evidence.
Polygraph Test — Lie Detector Tests in Sacramento, CA

We have over 35 years of investigative experience and are fully insured and licensed as Private Investigator #12057 in California.
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