Child Custody Issues

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When families are torn apart, the process is rarely sudden, but rather an accumulation over years of mistakes, strong emotions and often deception. A spouse becomes unfaithful and hides their tracks to prevent discovery. A child of divorce is neglected, and not afforded the opportunities or lifestyle they require. Assets are hidden or obfuscated in an attempt to avoid an equitable division of property.
Roman P.I. of Sacramento, CA is a licensed private investigation firm that works on all varieties of domestic cases. From discovery of infidelity to proof of hidden assets, we comb the nation’s streets and the financial sectors of many databases to discover the truth and equip our clients to make wrongs right.
Child Holding his Parents Hand — Child Custody in Sacramento, CA
As part of our commitment to protecting children, we also specialize in child investigations. We investigate the child’s living environment, school, associates, after school activities, and daycare, to assess whether any dangers might be present and alert you immediately upon discovery of a bad situation.
If you strongly believe that your current or former spouse is hiding information that affects your life, or if you worry that your children are being neglected due to the inaction of a family court, call Roman P.I. and find out the truth once and for all.

We investigate:
  • Custody and divorce matters
  • Hidden assets
  • Infidelity
  • Illicit behaviors
  • Child’s living conditions — at home, school, after school, daycare and with associates
We have over 35 years of investigative experience and are fully insured and licensed as Private Investigator #12057 in California.
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