Pre-Employment Background Checks

Business and Employee Background Investigation

In these difficult troubled economic times, honest and ethical job seekers are becoming even more difficult to distinguish from liars and even criminals.

Criminal records, falsified credentials and even past evidence of embezzlement can remain undiscovered for years until adequately investigated by a competent professional.

Roman P.I. of Sacramento, CA is a licensed private investigation firm that understands the intricacies of the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, as well as the many laws protecting job-seekers in California. While remaining on the right side of the law at every step, we’ll find out the facts behind your prospective employee and give you the all-clear, or the all-stop, based on comprehensive reports and full analysis of their backgrounds, credit and criminal records.

As part of our background service, Roman P.I. also performs drug testing through an independent licensed and accredited lab.

Our background investigators check:
Hand Writing on a Paper — Background Checks in Sacramento, CA
  • Credit histories (with signed authorization)
  • Criminal records
  • Residences and travel
  • Examination of associates
  • Alternate identities
  • Drug use and illicit behavior
  • Checks with former employers
We are fully insured and licensed as Private Investigator #12057 in the State of California.

Contact Roman P.I. at 800-993-4216 to help guarantee your employees’ safety, and that of your organization.