Cold Case Re-investigation of Child Abduction, Human Trafficking and Homicide

When a child is lost, what goes with them is larger than words can describe. Parents, siblings, family and friends all lose an important piece of their future. Their bereavement grows every day that their son or daughter does not return, and their emotional needs very quickly become overwhelming.
The grief of a parent has no limits, but in cases where the child’s condition is unknown or known to have been fatal, criminal investigations can help families find closure. In the United States, it is the job of sworn law enforcement officers and detectives to investigate these cases – but sometimes the police reach their resources’ limits without discovering the truth.
Lawyer Holding a Briefcase — Cold cases in Sacramento, CA
Under these circumstances, Roman P.I. of Sacramento, CA investigates cold cases of child abduction, human trafficking and homicide.
As a result of our re-investigation, new evidence is often brought forward via photos, physical evidence, witness observations and statements from people who feel less intimidated speaking to Frank Roman of Roman P.I. – for various reasons.
It has been determined that in most homicide cases, there is usually a third party who has knowledge of what occurred. It’s our experience that as the years pass, these witnesses and suspects become remorseful and want to come forward. Only two percent of private investigators in the United States investigate cases of child abduction, human trafficking and homicide. Roman P.I. of Sacramento, CA is one of them.

We have over 35 years of investigative experience and are fully insured and licensed as Private Investigator #12057 in California.
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