Corporate and Insurance Fraud Investigator

Specializing in Personal Injury

Every year, billions of dollars are picked from small businesses’ pockets in the form of insurance fraud. Roman P.I. of Sacramento, CA is a firm of licensed private investigators with over 35 years of experience investigating, documenting and testifying in court about fraud that has occurred on and off premises.
Fraud Files — Workers Compensation in Sacramento. CA

We investigate issues of:
  • Worker’s compensation fraud
  • Insurance fraud – including general, premises and product liability
  • Personal injury investigations
  • Automobile insurance fraud
  • Maritime insurance liability and recovery
  • AOE / COE investigations
We also investigate:
  • Workplace malfeasance – including theft from the employer, vendors and customers
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Copyright and patent infringement
We have over 35 years of investigative experience and are fully insured and licensed as Private Investigator #12057 in California.
Contact Roman P.I. at 800-993-4216 for corporate and insurance fraud investigations.